Tips for Race Day Fueling

Monday July 8, 2013

Water or sports drink?  Bars or gels?  Carbohydrates only or with protein added?  Salt tablets……Agggghhh!  With so many race day fueling options available, it’s enough to make a poor triathlete’s head spin.  If you’re hoping this article will provide all the answers about how to fuel for your next event- I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.  Race day nutrition is highly dependent on the individual, and what works for you is born out of a foundation of trial and error in training.  I can however share a few things I’ve learned along the way:

  • Never try something new on race day- Your race isn’t a good time to try the crazy new sports drink you picked up at the race expo the day before.
  • Practice how you plan to race- Long training rides/runs are the best place to experiment with different energy supplement combinations in order to establish a race day nutrition plan.
  • Find out what will be provided on the race course- if product XX will be used at aid stations, give it a try in training to see if it can work for you on race day.