Spring in full bloom

Monday June 10, 2013

Spring is finally here!  The temperatures begin to climb, and we say goodbye to cold temperatures and much of our dreary weather. Daylight graces us with a longer presence each day so that we may enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. There seems to be a wonderful sense of community when the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom; it gets people outdoors with their families and friends.

With the longer evenings, there is more time to get outside and have fun. It is a great time to feel rejuvenated and set some new goals. So, if some New Year’s resolutions have been discarded; start fresh with spring and use it as a new beginning. Get outside in the fresh air, enjoy the spring blooms, the sun on your face and plan a lovely adventure.

Kids love this time of year because they get to play outside longer after being cooped up inside, avoiding the cold.  It’s so good for their health, too, to be physically active rather than sitting in front of a screen.  A lot of outdoor sports begin in the spring: baseball, soccer, lacrosse and track, so there are lots and lots of opportunities to get involved and to move!

This is an opportune time to grab the whole family and take a nice long walk together. Don’t forget to enjoy the sights, stop to smell the roses, and you’ll be sure to find a spring in your step this season!

 By: Kathy DeBlasio