To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Monday May 27, 2013

Wellness Center staff members are often asked about the role stretching should play in a balanced fitness routine.  Although the importance of overall flexibility may vary based on the specific needs of the individual, the Wellness Center believes that the majority of our members could reap the benefits of a focused stretching routine.  In short- we could all use a little more stretching in our lives!  Targeted stretching for the purpose of increasing the range of motion around a joint (ROM) promotes healthy movement of muscles, tendons and connective tissue.  It has been demonstrated that healthy muscles/joints without range of motion limitations are more resistant to acute injuries caused by jarring forces like a stumble or lifting a heavy object.  Additionally; healthy, flexible connective tissue promotes optimal blood flow to working muscles, and is more resistant to tissue adhesions or ‘knots’ that can occur in muscle tissue with decreased flexibility.

The Wellness Center offers several ways for you add a little flexibility to your wellness routine; from a wide range of flexibility focused group exercise classes led by trained instructors, to dedicated areas throughout the Wellness Center equipped to help you increase your flexibility, and keep your body happy and healthy.  For more information about how you might safely and effectively integrate stretching into your current exercise routine, contact the UNC Wellness Personal Training department at 919-843-2176×2, or look for one of our expert Fitness Instructors out on the main fitness floor for knowledgeable instruction.