Step Aerobics, Fade Away or Fad with Staying Power?

Monday May 6, 2013

Step Aerobics turned 24 this year.  Gin Miller is credited with its creation after a doctor advised her to strengthen the muscles around her knee by stepping on and off a step.  She decided to do so to music and Step Aerobics was born.

We have witnessed many changes with step throughout the years.  Some instructors add the dance component, some do double step.   Occasionally we are treated to Maria’s Pinwheel step, where 4 steps are put together and 4 steppers travel around using their neighbor’s step.

We started the step craze with tap and have progressed into “tapless step” where lead changes are automatic, more functional than the previous method of instructing.   One thing you won’t get from the Wellness center is a class that exceeds the industry’s standard for bpm’s (beats per minute).  We prefer our instructor’s to set an example of how you can get a safe, effective workout while maintaining the integrity of the program.