Indoor Cycling Tips for Getting Started

Monday March 18, 2013

Follow these basic guidelines when starting your first indoor cycling class:

  • Take Control of the Ride.  I often see beginners try to keep up with the person on the bike next to them.  This is your workout and your first time on a bike.  Let your muscles get used to the movement. Pace yourself!
  • Come Prepared. Wear comfortable clothes, including padded bike shorts and low-top shoes with stiff midsoles (cross trainers or cycling shoes). Bring plenty of water and a towel.
  • Talk to Your indoor cycling Instructor. Describe your fitness history, goals and injuries. Ask about proper posture and learn how to adjust resistance and speed. Make sure your seat height and angle are correct.
  • Make a Commitment. The first time you cycle indoors …let’s be real it is not comfortable.  There is a period of adjustment.
  • Don’t let the initial discomforts scare you away from ever cycling again. Try this activity for several weeks, rather than giving up too soon. Indoor cycling may provide just the boost your fitness program needs–so get on your bike and ride!