Smart Goals

Monday January 7, 2013

And so it begins, another year, another set of resolutions that we attempt to make, yet fail and break. Do you want to follow through on those changes and create a healthier life for yourself? Here’s one way you can do it, use the SMART rule to help you on your 2013 Goal achieving journey.

Specific:  specify what it is you want to achieve with a specific endpoint or outcome
Measurable:  you have tangible evidence that you have accomplished the goal
A value:  goals you set should have value to you, and address your most pressing concerns that are important to you
Realistic:  set achievable goals that can be reached within the timeline set forth
Time frame:  set a timeline and deadline to reach your goal

Here are other helpful ideas to explore as you work on your wellness goals:  Focus on creating and achieving a weekly goal that works toward your long-term goal. In doing so, make a weekly commitment that is specific to meet at the end of the week. Create goals that are meaningful and timely to whatever is taking place in your life, schedule, environment, or community. Enjoy the journey!

As you plan your 2013 goals, consider joining Registered Dietitian, Liz Watt, to kick off your New Year with “Weight Loss:  Fads versus Fiction” on January 7th. We also begin our 12-week goal oriented Weigh to Wellness Program in January which runs through April; be on the look out for our Heart Month Events including Cholesterol Screenings, and a half-day event ~ Listen to Your Heart on February 16th and many more Fleet Feet Clinics to assist with your health and fitness goals. For more information or to register for these programs, please call (919) 966-5500. Please continue to let us know how we can serve you better by contacting Jamy McGee at or (919) 843-2155.